Virginia Apostolopoulou

I graduated from University of Crete, Greece, in 2014 with a bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics. I continued my studies at the University of Crete, and in 2017 I got my master degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics. I am passionate about many areas of applied mathematics, but I was always more interested in the close relationship between mathematics and practical problems related to physics and biology.

University of Surrey

start date | 02/10/2017

supervisor | Richard Sear 


Modelling crystal formation in complex systems

Everyone’s project in this network revolves around the crystallisation of membrane proteins. My individual project has to do with modelling the process of crystallisation of membrane proteins. The outcome is to create models to better understand the process of membrane protein crystallisation, and to make experimentally testable predictions of how best to rapidly produce highly ordered crystal of membrane proteins.

Original project advert

Skills & Expertise

#Computational Mathematics

#Chemical engineering

#Soft matter physics


#membrane proteins


Molecular Dimensions (UK), September 2020

Maynooth University (Ireland), December 2018

Institut de Biologie Structurale – IBS (France), August 2018

Workshops & conferences

CECAM workshop | Challenges in Multiphase Flows (Tuscany), December 2019

European Biophysics Congresses | 12th ICBP-IUPAB (Madrid), July 2019

CISM advanced course | Fluid Dynamics Effects on particle Formation in Crystallization Processes (Udine – Italy), July 2018

Outreach activities

Virginia has not just been doing her research, she has also been involved in science communication activities to engage citizens with science.

Co-organising the online conference “Soft Matter: the unseen science all around us” | September 2020

Blogging about science and PhD life| see all blogposts from Virginia: Portrait, Secondments in two countries for data analysis, Secondment at Molecular Dimensions, Organising a Conference and seeing it being postponed

Participating to the conference “Crystals made of tears: from misery to cheer” at The Devereux pub in central London | July 2019

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