Training programme

As part of the ESRs training, RAMP organized 5 training workshops in several cities of Europe (and online). These trainings taught students strong basics in the fields of membrane proteins crystallization, as much as developing transversal and professional skills. The overall training programme concluded with a final workshop more focused on research careers in academia and industry.


Kick-off meeting – 22 & 23 May

Organized by the Université Grenoble Alpes (Monika Spano) at the Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS) in Grenoble. It was the first physical meeting with all Consortium members to present WP and research plan. At that time, all ESRs were not recruited yet.

1st training session: “Research ethics and scientific integrity, how to write a proposal” – 24 to 27 October

First event with all RAMP ESRs, this workshop held and organized at the University of Leeds (Adrian Goldman) was meant to provide the students with transversal skills like power-point presentations, Word for thesis, research ethics and scientific integrity, enterprise and innovation in academia. The day before the training session, individual supervisory meetings were organized to finalise the ESRs’ individual training plans and their research project.

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2nd training activity: Research workshop “in meso in depth” – 14 to 25 May

Organized at Trinity College Dublin (Martin Caffrey) and University of Maynooth (Jennifer McManus). In this workshop, students were taught advanced methods for membrane protein crystallization (phase diagram investigation, light scattering measurements, HiLiDe, in meso…), by Martin Caffrey and his lab (Trinity College), Jennifer McManus (Maynooth) and Richard Sear (Surrey).

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3rd training workshop: Research and transversal skills – 18 to 22 March

This workshop organized at Hamburg University (Arwen Pearson) allowed RAMP ESRs to learn about crystallization and various diffraction techniques, and also visit unique places such as the X-FEL facility. Rosemary Wilson, consultant in science communication and member of our lay advisory board held a session for ESRs. Entrepreneurship were also part of this training.

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4th training session: Research and professional skills – 9 to 17 July

Co-organized by Imperial College London (Bernadette Byrne) and University of Surrey (Richard Sear), this workshop covered two main topics. At Imperial College London students focused on professional development at ERS worked on, how to write effective CVs and Applications, on public engagement, on communicating research in schools and also on how to write publications and their thesis. At Surrey University, their training emphasized leadership. Claire Naylor, from Molecular Dimensions, RAMP industrial partner, contributed as global brand manager.

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5th training: A concluding workshop on zoom – 2 & 3 December

Organized by the European Spallation Source (Esko Oksanen) and Aarhus University (Poul Nissen), this workshop was an opportunity for ESRs to present their work giving a final presentation online and having the chance to meet leading scientists in their research field. Six external speakers from academia and industry were connected, along with our industrial partners on RAMP.

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Full programme of the event available here:

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