Sofia Trampari

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Being an excited and naturally curious person, I consider Physics to be the most intriguing field of research as it addresses a huge range of phenomena, from the nanoscale physics to the laws of the infinite universe. My innate passion to discover the world and my need to work towards finding ways to improve people’s well-being led me to pursue my studies in biophysics. I got my BSc degree in Physics, section of solid state and condensed matter physics, National Kapodistrian University of Athens. I completed my MSc in Microsystems and Nanodevices of National Technical University of Athens. Fine arts are vital for my everyday life. On my leisure time I like cooking, sewing clothes and costumes, painting, playing board games with friends, writing poems and exercising.

University of AARHUs

start date | 01/10/2017

supervisor | Poul Nissen


Crystallization and phase behaviour of membrane transporters in lipid-detergent micelles

Her research project is an investigation to better understand and improve the so-called HiLiDe method, used for membrane protein crystallization. By exploring the optimal conditions for protein purification and crystals diffraction, her research participates in important technical advances that will lead to the commercial development of new screens, new lipids, and new crystallization techniques. To run the tests, Sofia focused on the amino acid transporter: MhsT.

Original project advert

Skills & Expertise

#protein & neurotransmitter crystallography

#XRD Analysis


#X-ray Diffraction

#Material Characterization

#membrane proteins


Molecular Dimensions (UK), Postponed due to Covid-19

Novartis (Switzerland), March 2019

University of Hamburg (Germany), May 2018

Workshops & conferences

Novo Nordisk Symposium (Denmark), November 2018

Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) Conference | CoLuAa XXVI (Denmark), November 2018

Outreach activities

Sofia has not just been doing research, she has also been involved in science communication activities to engage citizens with science.

Giving a talk on “The secret behind the mystery of crystallizing membrane proteins at the PhD conferences of Molecular Biology and Genetic in Aarhus University| September 2018

Blogging about science and PhD life| see all blogposts from Sofia: Portrait, In secondment at Novartis, Last news from the HiLiDe method, Last months before defending: All my attention is focused on writing my thesis

Participating to the event “Crystals made of tears: from misery to cheer” at The Devereux pub in central London | July 2019

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