List of scientific papers published within the network with our Early Stage Researchers (in bold).


A novel high-throughput screen for identifying lipids that stabilise membrane proteins in detergent based solution by Cecchetti C, Strauss J, Stohrer C, Naylor C, Pryor E, Hobbs J, et al. in PLoS ONE, July 2021

Transfer of stabilising mutations between different secondary active transporter families by Cristina Cecchetti, Nicola J Scull, Thotegowdanapalya C Mohan, Yilmaz Alguel, Alexandra M C Jones, Alexander D Cameron, Bernadette Byrne in FEBS Open Bio, May 2021.

Crystallization of proteins on chip by microdialysis for in situ X-ray diffraction studies by S. Jaho, N. Junius, F. Borel, Y. Sallaz-Damaz, JB. Salmon and M. Budayova-Spano in Journal of Visualized Experiments, April 2021.

Optimization of Crystal Growth for Neutron Macromolecular Crystallography by E. Vahdatahar, N. Junius and M. Budayova-Spano in Journal of Visualized Experiments, March 2021.

Homogeneous batch micro-crystallization of proteins from ammonium sulfate by Claudia Stohrer, S. Horrell, S. Meier, M. Sans, D. von Stetten, M. Hough, A. Goldman, D. C. F. Monteiro and A. R. Pearson in Acta Crystallographica Section D Structural Biology, January 2021.


IMPROvER: the Integral Membrane Protein Stability Selector by Steven P. D. Harborne, Jannik Strauss, Jessica C. Boakes, Danielle L. Wright, James G. Henderson, Jacques Boivineau, Veli-Pekka Jaakola, Adrian Goldman in Scientific Reports, September 2020.

Pendant-bearing glucose-neopentyl glycol (P-GNG) amphiphiles for membrane protein manipulation: Importance of detergent pendant chain for protein stabilization by Hyoung Eun Bae, Cristina Cecchetti, Yang Du, Satoshi Katsube, Jonas S. Mortensen, Weijiao Huang, Shahid Rehan, Ho Jin Lee, Claus J. Loland, Lan Guan, Brian K. Kobilka, Bernadette Byrne, Pil Seok Chae in Acta Biomaterialia, August 2020.

New Malonate-Derived Tetraglucoside Detergents for Membrane Protein Stability by Muhammad Ehsan, Satoshi Katsube, Cristina Cecchetti, Yang Du, Jonas S. Mortensen, Haoqing Wang, Andreass Nygaard, Lubna Ghani, Claus J. Loland, Brian K. Kobilka, Bernadette Byrne, Lan Guan, Pil Seok Chae in ACS Chemical Biology, June 2020.  

Optimization of crystallization of biological macromolecules using dialysis combined with temperature control by Niels Junius, Elham Vahdatahar, Esko Oksanen, Jean-Luc Ferrer, Monika Budayova-Spano in Journal of Applied Crystallography, June 2020.

Mixing Salts and Poly(ethylene glycol) into Protein Solutions: The Effects of Diffusion across Semipermeable Membranes and of Convection by Virginia Apostolopoulou, Niels Junius, Richard P. Sear, Monika Budayova-Spano in Crystal Growth & Design, April 2020. [free-to-access version available here]

3D-MiXD: 3D-printed X-ray-compatible microfluidic devices for rapid, low-consumption serial synchrotron crystallography data collection in flow by Diana C. F. Monteiro, David von Stetten, Claudia Stohrer, Marta Sans, Arwen R. Pearson, Gianluca Santoni, Peter van der Linden, Martin Trebbin in IUCrJ, March 2020.

A microfluidic device for both on-chip dialysis protein crystallization and in situ X-ray diffraction by Niels Junius, Sofia Jaho, Yoann Sallaz-Damaz, Franck Borel, Jean-Baptiste Salmon, Monika Budayova-Spano in Lab on a Chip. 2020, February 2020.

Strategies for successful isolation of a eukaryotic transporter by Savvas Saouros, Cristina Cecchetti, Alex Jones, Alexander D. Cameron, Bernadette Byrne in Protein Expression and Purification, February 2020.

Chapter in a Book | Prospects for membrane protein crystals in NMX by Samuel John Hjorth-Jensen, Esko Oksanen, Poul Nissen, Thomas Lykke-Møller Sørensen in Neutron Crystallography in Structural Biology, Chapter III – Volume 634 Page 47-68, 2020.


1,3,5-Triazine-Cored Maltoside Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Extraction and Stabilization by Lubna Ghani, Chastine F. Munk, Xiang Zhang, Satoshi Katsube, Yang Du, Cristina Cecchetti, Weijiao Huang, Hyoung Eun Bae, Savvas Saouros, Muhammad Ehsan, Lan Guan, Xiangyu Liu, Claus J. Loland, Brian K. Kobilka, Bernadette Byrne, Pil Seok Chae in Journal of the American Chemical Society, December 2019.

Transporter oligomerisation: roles in structure and function by Cristina Cecchetti, Euan Pyle, Bernadette Byrne in Biochemical Society Transactions, February 2019.


Membrane-protein crystals for neutron diffraction by Thomas Lykke-Møller Sørensen, Samuel John Hjorth-Jensen, Esko Oksanen, Jacob Lauwring Andersen, Claus Olesen, Jesper Vuust Møller, Poul Nissen in Acta Crystallographica Section D Structural Biology, December 2018.

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