RAMP PhD projects

The network’s research programme consists of 12 collaborative PhD projects – Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). The job advertisements are listed below to show what these projects are, but please note that we have filled these positions.

The 12 projects are:

Optimisation of crystal growth using a microfluidic technology-based crystallisation bench (ESR1)

Crystallization of membrane proteins with an automated microfluidic pipeline (ESR2)

Studies of G-protein coupled receptor complexes(ESR3)

Novel Approaches to Proton Pumping Pyrophosphatases (ESR4)

Crystallization and phase behaviour of membrane transporters in lipid-detergent micelles (ESR5)

Novel lipid environments for use in lipid cubic phase (in meso) crystallization of integral membrane enzymes, transporters and receptors (ESR6)

Nucleation and growth of membrane protein crystals in detergent, detergent/lipid and lipid phases (ESR6)

Structure determination of plant borate transporters (ESR7)

Controlled growth of uniformly sized microcrystals, optimised for time-resolved crystallographic experiments (ESR8)

Experimental phase diagrams to optimise membrane protein crystallization (ESR9)

Modelling crystal formation in complex systems (ESR10)

Elucidating the function of proton pumps with neutron crystallography (ESR11)

Proton pumping in sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium-ATPase studied by neutron crystallography (ESR12)