Nature, Science and Art: Swati in her last year of PhD

5 words to describe your mindset for this school year?

Overwhelmed, Planning, Time management, Faith in yourself, Prioritize health. (Illustration on the right to describe the mindset of a Final Year PhD student :D)

What is your objective for this year and how are you going to achieve it?

I aim to have at least 1 publication and hand over my thesis to the panel on time. In order to achieve that I start my day with yoga or meditation because mental stamina is what you need in final months of your PhD. Writing 24X5 is basically the motto for now with occasional breaks in lab to finish few experiments.

The WFH situation due to COVID-19 is good for me as I save some time commuting to work so adding more hours to being productive : P

Which activities have you planned during your spare time to disconnect?

I love spending my time in nature and learning new things in every trip. For example, now I am into mushroom foraging that helps me understand the natural world better. Sometimes I also travel with my sketch book to capture the surroundings in conventional way.

Few pictures from my recent trip where I learnt to differentiate between an edible and a false chanterelle mushroom

What are your professional aspirations for the next few years? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As much as I love being in science, sketching is therapeutic for me. So, I would love to combine my hobby and work by being a Science Illustrator in near future. While building my entrepreneurial skills, I will continue being a crystallographer whose always intrigued to learn more about protein structures.

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