Having some time to deepen thesis topic: Jessica’s view on year 2020

Jessica Ames (ESR 13) works at Bristol University, UK. Her PhD subject is “Nucleation and growth of membrane protein crystals in detergent, detergent/lipid and lipid phases

As 2020 draws to a close, it is only natural to take some time to reflect on the past year. Of course, the year had many unforeseen obstacles that required flexibility and adaptation to overcome. During the first Irish lock down, I had to transition from working in the lab daily to working from home. I used that time to prepare a literature review, learning about what nucleation is, how it occurs, and the techniques used to study it. Being able to take the time to understand this further allowed me to better understand my project and where it fits in with what we know and don’t know.

With this year, many conferences and gatherings were cancelled or postponed. Thankfully, though, the RAMP consortium was able to gather (virtually) for our concluding meeting last week. During this time, we heard from some external speakers about their career paths and what options are available to us upon completing our PhD. It was also a great chance to hear research updates from all of the ESRs!

Afterwards, we had a lovely time reminiscing over the past few years and ended by having a relaxing drawing session. Can you guess which drawing was done by which ESR?

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